In debt's cold grip? Choose Debt Consolidation.

Our approach consolidates debt AND lowers your monthly instalments by up to 60%.

Giving you more than just debt help:

  • Major cash flow relief.

  • Legal protection for your home and vehicle.

  • Professional debt experts who stand between you and your creditors.

  • Fully restored credit profile with the completion of your OneWay program.

Choose DebtSafe's flagship product - OneWay - and consolidate your debt the safe and secure way.

Get your FREE, NO-OBLIGATION consolidation action plan:

SMS:Your Name & Contact to 30898 (free sms)

Call:0861 100 999
Request your FREE:
call-back consolidation
action plan.

Don't leave your finances out in the cold, rather enjoy much-needed debt relief with OneWay.
Let us help find your way to financial freedom.

With our consolidation program more than 20 000 clients have conquered their debt:

"I'm very happy and they have made a huge difference to my life as a whole."
Giselle - Cape Town


"Thank you DebtSafe for improving my financial life. I'm strong, confident and started managing my finances well.”
Lucas - Buffalo City


"I'm now paying an affordable amount of money which made my life easier."
Maroping - Mokopane


OneWay gives you MORE:

  • Control - a unique online portal for real-time payment tracking.

  • Guidance - an expert allocated to your account, and who stands between you and your creditors

  • Cover - credit linked insurance that helps you during life's unplanned hardships.

OneWay Debt Consolidation.
This winter, find the best way out of debt.

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