fix your Debt Safely

DebtSafe offers safe and secure Debt Consolidation. Our registered Debt Counsellors fixes debt within the firm jurisdiction of the National Credit Act (NCA) – with our process closely monitored by the National Credit Regulator (NCR).

How No-Loan Debt Consolidation Benefits You

  • Easier to qualify than a consolidation loan.
  • Reduce your monthly debt instalments significantly.
  • Your house and vehicle are safe from repossession.
  • Enough cash flow for essentials (food, school fees, commute etc.)
  • One monthly payment (we consolidate your debts into one, single repayment)

Consolidate debt safely & effectively.

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Choosing DebtSafe

We bring more than a decade of expertise in debt management. Our Debt Counsellors, their teams and accredited partners have the experience and skills to consolidate debt safely, always striving to improve client service and efficiency of the process.


Debt Restructuring
Restructures and consolidates your debt in such a way that your monthly debt repayments get drastically reduced.

Creditor Negotiation
Negotiates on your behalf with your creditors to secure financial breathing space with a lowered monthly instalment.

Create a holistic budget that ensures sufficient cash flow for your other important financial obligations, like food, rent, school, fuel, etc.

Payment Management
Accredited Payment Distribution Agency (PDA) securely distributes your monthly debt repayments to creditors.

Admin Management
Effectively handles your Debt Review-related admin and supplies updates on your progress through the process.

Client Support
Efficient support channels to answer your queries, resolve your concerns and deal with any creditor harassment.

Online client portal to view progress, see monthly statements, upload documents, update your contact details and easily access client support.

Frequently Asked Question:

Is Your Debt Consolidation the same as a Consolidation Loan?

No. A loan means more debt. With consolidation loans, you only shift your debt from one place to another. Most people will not qualify for a consolidation loan. Unlike consolidation loans, which have very strict requirements (and at the end leaves you with more debt) our No-Loan Debt Consolidation restructures your credit obligations to an affordable, consolidated, repayment plan.

Get your practical, personalised, financial recovery plan that consolidates and reduces debt without a loan.